Mixed Immersion is a 3D Audio Production company with a focus on creating amazing immersive experiences within Experiential, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Live Performance.

We regard ourselves as the first Audio Effects (AFX) company to engage in immersive media. The term AFX pays homage to Visual Effects (VFX) in that we apply a whole range of techniques to create a sense of depth and space, whist adding layers, reflections, reverbs and other techniques to create a volumetric image of sound which our ears believe to be real.


We combine incredible Spatial Audio content with the latest in interactive and immersive technologies to create highly engaging real and virtual environments for Oscar Winners, Global Brands, Music Artists, VFX and Film Production Companies. Our Solutions are delivered over speakers, headphones or use a bespoke blend of the two.

We are currently working on our new site, so please do come back soon as there will be a lot to see.

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